Washing Machine Under 10000 India 2022

Don’t waste time searching for the best washing machine under 10000. We know the brands and models that are best in the market. Check out our list of the top 10 washing machine under 10000 and select the one that is best for you.

You can get a good deal if you buy your washer from an authorized dealer. When buying a new appliance, you must check that the warranty covers everything. If not, then you need to ask about any extended warranties available. 

Washing machines are one of those household appliances that are always around us. They are essential for our daily lives. But did you know that washing machine prices have increased over the years? In fact, they have doubled since 2000. This has led to a rise in demand and price hike.

  • Save money by buying when prices are low.
  • Avoid paying exorbitant amounts of money for a washing machine.
  • Support a local business instead of going through a chain store.
  • Buy a washing machine that suits your needs.

Top 10 Best Washing Machine Under 10000 in India 2022

Anyone who has ever gone shopping knows what it’s like to walk around the mall and let time pass by. If you’re in a hurry, that is time wasted. But what if you buy some of the best washing machines under 10000 and have these delivered right to your doorstep? This lists out some of the best washing machines under 10000 in India.

Our Choice

Samsung 6.0 Kg 5 Star Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Semi-automatic top-loading washing machine; 6.0 kg capacity Best Wash Quality and Water efficient, Energy Efficient Model comes with 5 star rating, Manufacturer Warranty: 2 years on product and 5 years on motor 700 rpm: Higher spin speeds helps in faster drying

Lloyd 7.5 Kg Semi Automatic Top Load Washing Machine

Active Soak
F Shield Strong & Durable Motor
Plastic Lint Filter
Swift Dry
Transparent Lids
Turbo Plus Pulsator

Haier 7 Kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Cross Pulsator
Spray Technology
Magic Filter
1300 RPM
Rust Free Body
Wind Dry

Whirlpool 6 Kg 5 Star Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Large 66L tub
340 watt motor
lint filter
3 wash programs – Delicate normal heavy
end of cycle buzzer (7 only)
Scrub Station
In built collar scrubber

Croma 6.5 kg Semi Automatic Top Load Washing Machine

Basket Lid With Easy Wash Tray
Spiral Pulsator
Twin Washing Program
Sleek And Intricate Design
Rust-Proof Polypropylene Body
Capacious Spin Tub

Foxsky 7.2 kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Roller Jet Pulsator
Lint Filter
Powerful Motor
Separate Water Inlet
3 wash programs
Large Capacity

Samsung 6.5 kg Semi-Automatic 5 Star Top Loading Washing Machine

Air Turbo
Double storm Technology
Caster Wheel
Rust Proof

Candy 6.5 kg 5 Star, Semi automatic top load washing machine

Thoughtful Design
Space Saving
Easy to use
Water and Electricity Separating
Control Panel

Onida 9.0 kg Top Loading Washer

9 Kg Washing Capacity
Anti-rust Body
Alerts You
Storm Pulsator Wash
Rat Guard

DMR DMR 46-1218 4.6Kg Top Load Washing Machine

Compact design
Ergonomic knobs
Semi-transparent lid
Energy and cost efficient
High-grade plastic body
Clockwise and anti-clockwise

Washing Machine Features

Powerful Motor

Equipped with a 360W powerful motor, this washing machine allows you to wash normal and heavy laundry like curtains and linens, etc with much ease.

Easy-to-use controls

The control panel of the washer is simple and easy to use. You can easily set your desired cycle by pressing the buttons on the front side. The LCD display will show you all the information about

Semi Automatic washing machine

Semi-automatic washing machines , for instance, are extremely affordable and are used by lower-income households.

“The majority of the population is not able to afford a full-time maid or nanny,” said Ms. Kooistra. “They need something that they can do themselves.”

Fully Automatic Washing Machine

Depending upon the user’s requirement, they choose or decide whether to pick a fully-automatic washing machine semi-automatic washing machine Also, a top-load or front-load.

Wash cycle

Semi-automatic washing machines require some manual intervention from time to time. For example, you need to fill up the bathtub with water before starting the washing cycle. After the cycle is finished, you have to manually drain out the water. These washing machines come with two different tubs – a washer tub and a dryer tub. You have to transfer the wet clothes from the washing tub to the drying tub after finishing the cycle. Thus, semi-automatic washing machines are entry level models.

How do we pick the best washing machine for you?

Some of the important elements that we kept in mind while curating this list for you are listed below.

Specifications and Features

We have listed washing machines with the latest technology, best quality, and exceptional features. After narrow research about each one of them, we have shortlisted top models in the Indian market with the best features that fall into your budget.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

Reviews and feedback from the existing customers provide valuable details and information. We carefully go through the reviews and choose the top washing machine from the best brands with high ratings for you.


Warranty is very important when you buy any product. You should always check if there is a warranty available or not. This will help you save money.

Price and Brand

Brand is the most important feature to look at while buying any product. After sales service and warranty offered by the company play an important role. We have carefully curated the list and listed all the brands offering great customer services within budget.

Types Of Washing Machine

Washing machines are fully automatic. You can choose the wash program or the mode and the appliance will do everything automatically.

Semi-automatic washing machines require manual intervention from time to Time. For example, you have to fill up the tub with water before starting the wash cycle. After the cycle is finished, you have to manually drain out the water. These washing machines come with two different tubs – a washer tub and a dryer tub. You have to transfer the wet clothes from the washing tub to the drying tub after finishing the cycle. Thus, semi-automatic washing machines are entry level models.

Front-load washing machines are very popular in India. They are compact, stackable, and energy efficient. They come with multiple wash programs, and wash modes.

What should I look for in a washing machine in India?

Hard water treatment is an essential part of washing clothes. Auto-restart is also very important because if the machine stops during a cycle, it won’t be able to start again.

How do I know my washing machine capacity in India?

Families with more than two members need bigger washing machines. Washing machines with smaller capacities are recommended for families with fewer members.

Which type of washing machine is best for home use?

A washing machine is an appliance used to wash clothes. You can get a front-loading or top-loading washer. Front loaders use less water than top loaders.

What should I look for in a washing machine in India?

Two of the important aspects you should consider are hard water treatment and auto-restart features. In India, you have areas that only provide hard water. It is important to treat hard water so that the detergent dissolves completely, thus providing a thorough wash. On the other hand, the auto-restart feature ensures that the washer restarts the cycle from where it previously stopped in the event of a power outage.

What is the highest rated washing machine by Consumer Supports?

The Whirlpool 7 Kg, semi-automatic top loading washing machine is the highest rated washing machine. It is backed by a 340W efficient powerful motor which is powerful enough to roll the clothes in all directions. Also, its sleek and stylish design will add to the beauty of your house.

What Is The Difference Between Semi-Automatic And Fully-Automatic Washing Machines?

The foremost difference between a semi-automatic washing machine and fully automatic washing machine is that in a semi-automatic washing machine you have to manually transfer the clothes from washer to dryer whereas a fully automatic washing machine does this job on its own.

How Long Should A Washing Machine Last?

This depends on the fact that how a washing machine is maintained, well it is expected that a washing machine can last around for almost 10 years.

Hope we have helped you out to find your best washing machine. Make sure you read our other helpful articles as well.

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