How To Turn A Laptop Into A Gaming Laptop? ( Smart Suggestions)

Many people don’t realize that sometimes they can even turn an ordinary laptop into a powerful gaming machine to play modern games without much updating. You can go to your local computer store and find some laptop parts for sale to improve graphics and CPU performance in seconds. So if you need to find answers on how to turn a laptop into a gaming laptop? Continue reading the article…

Laptops are a great addition to a gaming setup, but if you want to get the best out of them, you need to tweak some settings. In this article, we talk about the things you should tweak to get the best gaming laptop. Read more here.

Top 10 Ways To Turn A Laptop Into A Gaming Laptop

  1. Upgrade the RAM
  2. Install Latest Operating System
  3. Disable Automatic Updates
  4. Clear Cache
  5. Delete Unused Programs
  6. Start using SSD
  7. Turn On Gaming Mode
  8. Configure Power Options
  9. Clean Your Laptop
  10. Check Network Speeds

#1. Upgrade the RAM

Check your computer for old memory. It is advisable to remove all old RAM to ensure that your laptop gets the best performance. Always get compatible memory that fits in your laptop to never run into issues. Get at least 8-16GB RAM to quickly run multiplayer games without losing CPU or GPU performance on your laptop.

#2. Install Latest Operating System

If you have not made any changes recently to your computer, then you need to update your operating system to make the laptop faster. You will find that specific actions will take longer to complete because some software will be difficult to read on an old Windows Laptop. This is often a problem caused by incompatible software that many new games are using to run smoothly on your device.

#3. Disable Automatic Updates

You can speed up Windows by removing all unused items from the Start menu and disabling automatic updates for those items. You need to take just a few different steps to turn off Windows Automatic Updates to minimize gaming errors within your system.

If you’ve used a lot of visual effect games, your computer may take longer to load. For best results, only download stable system updates to run the game faster on your device and remove any beta updates related to an app

#4. Clear Cache

One thing you can do to increase Windows speed is clear the cache. When the computer starts, it loads automatic programs and cache files, slowing down the entire booting process. Unfortunately, the registry is sometimes full of old or outdated data that needs to be cleaned manually.

This cache causes poor performance and in-game lag, which makes you frustrated while playing. Many online tools allow you to clear your cache with the push of a button without spending any money to purchase them.

#5. Delete Unused Programs

Disk cleanup is necessary because Windows needs free space to run properly; also, deleting any programs or games that you don’t use nowadays will give more speed. If you’re going to clean up your Windows disk space, make sure you backup the files beforehand. You should perform disk cleanup once a year because it helps your computer run faster.

#6. Start using SSD

Compared to traditional hard drives, SSD consumes less memory. With the recent introduction of non-volatile memory (NVD), this fact became more evident. Using less memory also means using less power, so it will definitely save battery life.

When there is less heat generated, your system will run faster, and games will load more quickly as well. Also, updating HDD to SSD on a laptop is very easy for most of us. You will not face any problems during the process of updating. Just follow the guides available online, and you should be able to upgrade within minutes.

#7. Turn On Gaming Mode

If your laptop is less than 5 to 6 years old and running on Windows 10, you can enable Game Mode to prioritize your gaming experience and get the most out of modern games on your device. Game Mode helps improve the quality of your games by preventing you from updating Windows, installing drivers, sending notifications, and more to maximize performance and battery life.

#8. Configure Power Options

To fully optimize your laptop, you can play around with Windows power settings and let your laptop hardware run beyond its average capacity. You can get more FPS, quality, and performance while using the same laptop for gaming under more power. However, if you have never configured these settings before, seek professional help as tampering with the power settings incorrectly can overheat your laptop and render it unusable. Also, check if your laptop has good cooling to avoid overheating the components in the long term.

#9. Clean Your Laptop

Not many people clean their laptops regularly, which shortens the life of the device and prevents you from working at full speed. Many people reading the guide on “How to turn a laptop into a gaming laptop” are not planning to update their laptops anytime soon. By cleaning your laptop regularly, you’ll get more speed, better cooling, and improved performance by reducing overheating components. There are many cleaning tools you can buy cheap online that can help you turn your laptop into a gaming laptop.

#10. Check Network Speeds

A good example of how network setting affects gameplay can be seen with the issue of lags and low pings. In online RPG games, the network is everything, and if your computer lacks in giving you enough speed, the game becomes more challenging to play. Check for any network flaws that are creating problems for you to play games online at full power.

Also, connect with a good WiFi to enjoy a fluent gaming experience on your laptop with good ping to run smoothly. If you’re not getting the best experience with your current speed, it’s time to replace your old network adapter, or if the problem is with your WiFi, consider getting a new provider for better gameplay.


How to turn a laptop into a gaming laptop? In most cases, the old laptop hardware is too outdated to play the new games on your device. So the first thing to check is whether your laptop RAM, hard drive and operating system are up to date or not. Some of these laptops may need more than an upgrade to function properly. Be patient and follow the steps above to make your laptop faster than ever to play new games with your friends without spending a fortune on buying a new device. So this Concludes the Topic for How To Turn A Laptop Into A Gaming Laptop?

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