Best Stabilizer for LED TV 32″ 40″ 43″ 55 & 65 Inch in India

Are you looking for the best stabilizer for LED TV? Then you should check out our article. We have reviewed the top 8 stabilizers and will tell you which one is the best. Find out where you can buy the best deal.

Worried about the constant fluctuating voltages damaging your expensive LED smart TV? Then you need a high-quality stabilizer with excellent performance which can protect your device from such unstable voltage problems.

To add a constant value to this changing power supply, you will need to find a stabilizer designed specifically for the kit and model of LED you are using.

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Top 8 Best Stabilizer for LED TV in India

The best stabilizer for LED TV acts as a static device to protect your TV, so you can enjoy hours of entertainment without the distraction of voltage fluctuations. At the same time, it protects your smart TV from sudden power outages.

1. V-Guard Digi 200 Smart TV Stabilizer


  • Smart Output Voltage Correction
  • EMI Filter Enabled
  • Protection Mechanism
  • 7 Segment Digital Display
  • Wide Input Range (140-295V)
  • E-Commerce Friendly Packaging

The V Guard brand is known for making high-quality products in the Indian market. Among their products, we have selected the V Guard Digi 200 stabilizer model in the list of the best voltage stabilizers for LED TVs.

This product has an input voltage range of 140 V to 295 V, which means your device can operate with voltage levels up to 140 volts. Supports a wide variety of televisions up to 70 inches.

It is also equipped with a digital display that allows you to monitor the input and output voltages. The digital display also has the advantage of displaying important indicators such as overload, low high voltage, interference, etc.

With this on-screen assistant, you can feel the security of your smart LED TV, receiver or other gadgets in peace. This product is also equipped with an EMI filter which uses excess electromagnetic waves and protects the connected devices.

2. V-Guard Mini Crystal Supreme TV Stabilizer for TV + Set Top Box


  • Very light weight
  • Looks good
  • Better spend few bucks to save thousands
  • Very nice stabilizer from V Guard, does not heat up and is very compact!

The V Guard brand is known for making high-quality products in the Indian market. Among their products, we have selected the V Guard Digi 200 stabilizer model in the list of the best voltage stabilizers for LED TVs.

This product has an input voltage range of 140 VI. If you’re looking for a premium stabilizer for your 32-inch LED TV, take it home. This stabilizer has an elegant housing design and wall mount options, so it can be installed easily and saves space. It looks clean and also quiet.

Advanced IC Technology is designed to work efficiently, so a small amount of unstable voltage cannot damage the delicate components of your TV. It also provides a more efficient voltage output by adjusting the input voltage.

3. Monitor Smart TV Voltage Stabilizer for 65 inches Smart TV


  • 100% Copper Winding
  • High Voltage Cut off
  • Easy Connectivity
  • Application: Smart, 3D, LED, LCD TV up to 65 inch + HD or SD, DTH + Home Theater System , Gaming Console, Blu Ray player – Total load up to 3 Amps
  • Copper Windings – Power Saving , Better Conductor , Better Power Factor
  • Working Range: 140 – 290 V (Ensure appliances functioning under Wide voltage spectrum)
  • All India 5 – Years Replacement Warranty ( Product Would be Replaced In case Of Service Issue )
  • Metal Cabinet With LED Indicators

This 100% copper coil stabilizer is an absolute champion in the market because, unlike aluminum, it acts as a brilliant conductor of electricity. If you are looking for a stabilizer that works with less energy loss and produces less heat, this is probably the best stabilizer for your TV.

With a better power factor than regular aluminum stabilizers, this one is designed for a stable output voltage. To give your device a long life, this stabilizer works in a convenient way through intelligent voltage correction technology. In addition, the MONITOR DG100 is capable of adjusting the voltage speed with changing voltage ranges to ensure optimal performance of the connected devices.

With the exception of high voltage, this stabilizer is presented in an intelligent way that controls everything within the standard voltage range to provide better protection against panel pixel burning and PCB damage.

4. Bluechip Best Stabilizer for LED TV 43 inch


  • Come to you with Spike Suppressor
  • Automatic Reset
  •  Circuit Breaker
  • Mains Turn – On Delay& Performs in Wide Input Range
  • 95 % Efficiency

The bluechip Stabilizer is the perfect product for your home entertainment setup. It has been designed in such a way that it can be easily installed with any TV with ease. This helps extend the life of your TV, keeping it running stutter-and-jump-free. It also reduces the amount of electricity your TV draws, which lowers your monthly bills.

5. SYSPRO Turbo Plus Voltage Stabilizer for LED/LCD TV


  • Turbo Plus Voltage Stabilizer for LED/LCD TV/Set Top box
  • Intelligent Time Delay System
  • High/ Low Voltage Cut OFF
  • Latest IC technology

SYSPRO Commander Provides Total Protection Solution for LED, LCD, and Plasma TVs Up to 75″. Disruptive Blackouts Tends Create High Voltage Fluctuation. Our Spike/Surge Suppressor and Selected Voltage Cutoff Technology Provides Extra Protection to Your Valuable TV during Power Restoration. In addition, Our Time Delay Technology is the Best in the Market for Restoring the Power Only When it is Safe for Your TV, DVD, and DTH. SYSPRO Commander is Exclusively Engineered to Meet Voltage Regulation Need. Input Working Range: 140 to 290 Volts. Ready for Wall Mounting or to Keep it on Surface.

SYSPRO Turbo Plus Voltage Stabilizer for LED Features

  • Turbo Plus Voltage Stabilizer for LED/LCD TV/Set Topbox and Copper Coil (145-280 V)
  • Intelligent Time Delay System – Gives the Compressor Proper Balancing When Mains On Returns
  • High/ Low Voltage Cut OFF, Which means It will protect your LED/LCD TV When Voltage Drops Below 170 V or goes Above 290 V, It will Cut Off the LED/LCD TV From Main Supply.
  • Latest IC technology, Assures reliable protection, Wall Mounting Cabinet Design – Elegant And Easy To Install
  • It can not only Protect Your LED/LCD TV but Can also Protect Your DTH along With that

6. V-Guard Voltino Max TV Voltage Stabilizer

  •  Premium-looking Black Cabinet with Wall Mounting Facility
  • Advanced IC Technology Design for better input voltage correction
  • Built-in Thermal Overload Protection for preventing appliance burn out
  • Convenient Status Indication – Graphical LED
  • Metal Oxide Varistor Spike Protection

7. Everest ENT 100 Model ABS Body Attractive Design Voltage Stabilizer

  •  Built-in thermal overload protection
  • Low and high voltage cut-off
  • Spike protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Advanced IC Technology Design
  • Micro-Controlled Operation

8. V-Guard Crystal Plus Smart TV Stabilizer

  • Smart Output Voltage Correction
  • Digital Micro-Controlled Operation
  • Protection Mechanism
  • 7 Segment Digital Display
  • Wide Input Range (90-290 VAC)
  • E-Commerce Friendly Packaging

LED TV Stabilizer Buyer’s Guide, How to Choose an LED TV Stabilizer

Here are some factors to consider when buying a stabilizer for your LED TV:


To reduce the risk of electric shock from wet or damp floors, always use a stabilizer with a wall-mounted structure.


The stabilizer you choose should be in digital form so that you can easily connect it to other devices according to your needs.

Time delay technology

This is one of the most important features to look for in a stabilizer to ensure that your device’s compressor takes a long time to run in a short amount of time.

Noise and surge protection

Sudden voltage fluctuations can cause spikes and linear noise that can damage your device. Make sure your stabilizer covers it.

Overvoltage protection

The immediate shutdown of your equipment should be considered to avoid short circuits or burns due to overload.


The indicators in the stabilizer are very useful for you to continuously monitor the voltage status and take immediate action.

Overvoltage protection

The inclusion of surge protection technology is essential for the stabilizer to prevent surges or surges.

Best Stabilizer for LED TV Conclusion

These are our top 5 recommendations of the best-LED TV voltage stabilizers to buy in India to keep your expensive equipment safe. We did our best to create this great list and introduce you to this great product.

After looking at its features and reliability, we put the Stabilizer V-Guard Digi 200 Smart TV Stabilizer in the first place. This product has all the essential features you could want in the perfect voltage regulator.

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