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There are many doubts before buying a fridge and many people just regret buying a fridge. We talk to many people on call and comment. So this blog is being made for you and there are many such people on YouTube who give you the wrong opinion.

Best Single Door Refrigerators in India 2022

I will talk about the top 4 best single door refrigerators. In selecting them, our team has taken care of many things like insulation, freezer capacity there are many more features which we will discuss further and yes very important money, First of all, you have to see the budget, but it doesn’t matter, we will take care of your budget. Because out of the four refrigerators we have selected, two are premium refrigerators and two are budget refrigerators.

Top 4 Best Single Door Refrigerators

Top 4 Best Single Door Refrigerator in India 2022
  1. Samsung 225 L 4 Star Inverter Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator
  2. Samsung 198 L 5 Star Inverter Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator
  3. Godrej 190 L 5 Star Inverter Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator
  4. Haier 192 L 3 Star Single Door Refrigerator

Let’s start with the premium refrigerator, then we will also tell the budget refrigerator.

01. Samsung 225 L 4 Star Inverter Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Samsung 225L 4* Star

  • 4 Stars
  • Capacity 225L
  • Good Design
  • Button Control
  • Garo Handle
  • Inverter Technology
  • Power Consumption: 135 Units
  • Stabilizer Free
  • Base Stand Drawer
  • Normal Freezer Size

first of all, this is a Samsung refrigerator, which I have liked very much. you’ll like it too. if I talk about its features. this is a 4-star refrigerator and its capacity is 225L. apart from 225 liters, you can also get it in other sizes. So you should manually check because the stock keeps on running out and new stock keep coming. chack it whenever you want to buy. if I tell, a refrigerator of 225 liters is suggested for 4 to 5 people, but it’s not necessary. this is the ideal range, everything else depends on your requirement.

The design of this refrigerator is very nice. and the best thing I like about these buttons of the top on this gate. most of the refrigerators do not have these buttons on the outside, which are given on the inside. but in this refrigerator, you have been given these buttons which makes its design better. It comes with a unique handle, normally refrigerators do not have such handles.

So Samsung has made its design very well. and of course, not only the design but also the features are quite good in this refrigerator, that’s why it’s here. And not only this, inverter technology has been used in it which is being used in most refrigerators.

  • Due to inverter technology, power consumption will be less
  • The noise will be less and at the same time, it will be durable
  • But yes, inverter technology is used in which products, their price increases slightly
  • It will have per year power consumption is approximately 135 units
  • it’s a stabilizer-free refrigerator, no need to install a separate stabilizer
  • It comes with a base stand drover. there will be a separate drover
  • it will have a freezer of 24liters. freezer size is normal
  • And yes, there will be a clean back, on the backside you will not see anything superfluous

by the way, the back will be clean in all our selected refrigerators insulation is good and cooling will be able to last for a long time. and let me tell you that prices keep fluctuating. price becomes more and less. So whenever you are reading the review I will put their real-time price in the description. you will check the price. So the official website of amazon is and the best seller by links of amazon. you can also purchase an original product from there.

now let’s look at the second refrigerator.

02. Samsung 198 L 5 Star Inverter Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Staff Pick

Samsung 198 L 5 Star

High Energy Efficiency
Digital Inverter Technology (DIT)
Base stand Drawer
Runs on Home Inverter+
Runs on Solar Energy
Safe Clean Back

This also comes from Samsung, I am also telling you about the second refrigerator from Samsung. don’t think I’m sponsoring this at all. it’s don’t like that at all. Samsung has moved ahead in single-door refrigerators. but yes. perhaps in a few days, there will be a refrigerator that can beat it in.

This refrigerator is very similar to the previous refrigerator, its price is also less around 17000 rupees but please check it. If fluctuated, don’t tell me later. The same inverter technology has been given in this too, a stand drawer has been given. A unique handle has been given, the same 24 liters freezer size. Direct cool technology is also available by the way, I did not tell you before that it is a single door refrigerator, as it gets the technology of direct cool. if you go for a French door and double door refrigerator, you get frost-free technology. by the way, direct cool has its advantages, and frost-free has some advantages of its own.

if you get the feature of direct cool, the price is low and if you get the feature of frost-free, the price increases there.
with this, the power consumption in direct cool is less. frost free has high power consumption.
Let’s not talk too much in detail. it comes 5 stars rating, not 4 stars that means power consumption is low.
it’s available in multiple sizes, It is available in the size of 198 liters and it will also get it in different sizes.
So you check it manually. in this refrigerator, you are not given these buttons on the top of the door.
this is a normal refrigerator. The refrigerator mentioned earlier is of an advanced level.

03. Godrej 190 L 5 Star Inverter Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Staff Pick

Godrej 190 L 5 Star Inverter Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator


This is a budget refrigerator, so do not think that its features will not be good. Especially when we have selected it
let’s talk about its features. it comes with a 4-star rating. Approximately 125 units per year power consumption.
inverter technology will also be there yes it will work on inverter technology. so you can consider it. it will have a freezer size of 33L. which is a very good thing for people who must use the freezer. and yes, its insulation is a little good.

By the way, all the refrigerator’s insulation is best. but I would say a little better. one more thing I really liked. they have put a road on the backside where the water collects. So that the water will not accumulate there and it will evaporate like steam.

So you will not need to clean it again and again. will be needed but not be needed again and again. the defrosting water will be cleaned manually. yes, but in two-three months take it cleanly. and yes, it’s available 185 liters. but I repeat you can use it approximately 170-175 liter something. because full capacity is not available. this is a good refrigerator with the best budget so you should consider it.

04. Haier 192 L 3 Star Single Door Refrigerator 

Staff Pick

Haier 192 L 3 Star Single-Door Refrigerator 


if you want, you can also buy the 2020 model. there your price will be reduced by 1000-1200 rupees. but I suggest you should go with the 2021 model. it comes with 2 stars rating. stars rating is very low here. that’s the reason its price is low because of this, we have kept the refrigerator in the last.

Even if you save you money here, but in the future, your electricity bill will be high. because it’s only 2 stars rating. due to which its power consumption will be high. And if the consumption is more then the money will also be more.

If you save money in the beginning, then your money will be spent slowly later. the stabilizer is free and it comes whit a 181L size. Size is also less here. Yes, as the size of the fridge is less, the size of the freezer 18 liters is also less.

So, guys, these were some throwbacks that’s why we named this refrigerator the last of the best. and yes insulation is very good as I told you that if there is a 2-star rating then its power will be approximately 200 units per year.

Yes, the power consumption is going to be high, so think about it and buy it, otherwise, you can go with Godrej. these Refrigerators have some disadvantages, which I told you about, yet if you want to be considered them, it’s your choice.

But I suggest, if you want in the budget then Godrej is best. otherwise, if your budget is good you should go for Samsung. Both the refrigerators of Samsung come with similar features, except for some features. So now it will be seen that whatever you like, you will consider it.

So, guys, All 4 refrigerators are the best, you are considering if you have any questions then you should comment. That’s all you get for today Goodbye till then in the next review.

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