Best Room Heater with Low Power Consumption in India Under 1500

In India, winters are considered quite harsh compared to other countries, because the temperature drops sharply in some parts, therefore installing a room heater is necessary for everyone.

Room Heater in India

Room heaters play an important role in winter days by protecting the users from the cold wind with their portable heating technology and without taking a lot of space in our rooms.

However, choosing products from online and offline platforms can be a problem.

For this reason, we have listed the top three Best Room Heater with Low Power Consumption to offer a multifunctional product with a wide variety of different heating options on the market. To make your work even easier, we have also made a buying guide that you should read to make an ideal choice according to your needs from the range of products available in the market.

Additionally, in our detailed tests, we’ve covered all the main features of all heating devices to guarantee the best value for money product for the option you choose.

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So, without further ado, this is a list of the Best Room Heater with Low Power Consumption in India:

Top 10 Room Heater with Low Power Consumption

Buying Guide

Size & coverage

Size and coverage should be your top priority before choosing the perfect heater for yourself as this will determine the areas around your room that your room heater can cover.

If you are short on space in your room, buying a small heater is suitable for your needs as it can cover the entire area of ​​your room but if you buy a large heater and your room is much smaller, then it will become more powerful which you may not need.

Auto shut-off & Overheating safety

Automatic shutdown safety is another important aspect of a good heater, as sometimes the internal components of your heater can overload and cause the device to malfunction.

Overheat safety is the primary layer around the various parts of the heating coil to protect it from the heat generated by room heating.

In that case, the sensor activates a circuit to protect everything by turning off all power in the heater to cool it down for a little bit, which can be used normally afterward.

Temperature control

Temperature control is the main feature offered by every heater manufacturer so that users can adjust the temperature according to their needs in different situations.

Most products usually offer three different temperature settings: Low, Medium, and High, so the user can decide for himself what he needs in his room to get an uninterrupted experience with his daily tasks.

Energy efficacy

There are some cheap heaters out there that use up a lot of energy and add to the electricity bill for a higher price, reducing performance in the long run.

So, if you want to buy the ideal heater for your home, it must have an energy-efficient heating coil that runs smoothly without taking too much energy from the switchboard.

Chord Length

Chord length is a factor that many people forget to check.

However, if you get a heater with a small cable length and if there is no space for installing the power switch, you need to purchase an extension board, which reduces its mobility.

So try to find a heater that can be used anywhere in your room for a long time to get the most out of the product that you purchased.

Best Room HeaterOur RatingBuy Now
Usha Quartz Room Heater4.9/5Buy on Amazon
Orpat 2000 Watt Fan Room Heater4.9/5Buy on Amazon
Nova 2000W All in One Silent Blower Fan Room Heater4.8/5Buy on Amazon
Solimo 2000-Watts Room Heater4.8/5Buy on Amazon
Bajaj Blow Hot 2000 Watts Fan Circulation Room Heater4.9/5Buy on Amazon
LAN BIS Certified 2000/1000 Watts Best Fan Room Heater4.8/5Buy on Amazon
Morphy Richards OFR 9F Fin Oil Filled Radiator Room Heater5/5Buy on Amazon
Orient Electric Areva 2000/1000 Watts Fan Room Heater4.7/5Buy on Amazon
Cello SuperWarm Quartz Room Heater4.5/5Buy on Amazon
Bajaj RHX-2 800-Watt Room Heater4.6/5Buy on Amazon
MOBLIOS Electric Mini Electric Room Heater4.7/5Buy on Amazon
Voltonix Small Electric Handy Room Heater4.6/5Buy on Amazon

Usha Quartz Room Heater

Lowest Price Usha Quartz Room Heater (3002) 800-Watt with Overheating Protection
  • Meant for Spot Heating
  • Designed for low power consumption
  • A room heater with less weight – very easy to transport across rooms

Usha is known as the leading trusted brand in India for manufacturing electrical appliances such as fans, heaters, water geezers, and dispensers as the company has a legacy of 18 years of providing first-class service to its customers.

Usha quartz room heated is aimed at mid-budget users who are looking for a portable heater for a small or medium-sized room in their homes.

The heater has 2000 watts of power, which offers great heating technology by effectively covers every part of your room while saving electricity to prepare you for low-temperature winter days.

You can easily operate the heater with this easy-to-use temperature control system that helps you adjust the heater’s warmth to the weather and the heater has a long life that provides good stability in your home, making it perfect for any customer to buy for added comfort during the winter season.

You also get overheat protection and a well-designed child safety mechanism to keep your pets and kids around the house safe and the portable size of the heater has a great advantage when it comes to moving it from one place to another.

You can also save some space on summer days by placing it around the house as it doesn’t take up much storage space.

The Usha Quartz Room Heater heating body is made of durable material, but it has an integrated thermal protection element that lasts longer than other competitors on the market.

Moreover, if you leave your heater running longer than advertised, its overheating technology can save you electricity and heating problems so you can work from home with ease.


  • Comes with overheating protection.
  • Two different modes to choose from.
  • Ideal for small to mid-ranged rooms.
  • One year of warranty.
  • Powerful heat output.
  • Energy-efficient design


  • No fans to blow heat

Orpat 2000 Watt Fan Room Heater

Cheap & Best Orpat OEH-1220 2000-Watt Fan Heater
  • Two power settings for heat
  • Heats up the room extraordinarily well
  • Non-sagging, cool to touch the body
  • The operative voltage of 220-240 volts

Orpat is a group of companies known throughout India for creating expert home appliance solutions to achieve great customer relationships with user-friendly products.

This brand is also one of the largest suppliers of household electrical products, but with a slightly affordable price range than other companies on the list, which is why it ranks second in our article.

Orpat OEH-1220 2000-Watt Fan Heater has 2,500 watts of power, which quickly covers every square meter of your space within minutes in an average-sized living room.

They offer a variety of settings to control the temperature by using the heater in 2000 watts or 1000 watts mode to meets all your needs in one portable frame.

Orpat room heater is an ideal choice for medium-sized rooms as the heater has an adjustable fan speed to cover more area in less time and the touch sensor notifies you as soon as you touch the outside of the heater to avoid burning your hands.

Orpat room heater has some advanced features required for use in a home environment and the overload protection system helps its users by an instant shutdown mechanism to maintain the desired core temperature.

Strong build quality and simple design work in tune with Orpat room heater to ensure your long term use with a one year warranty that increases the good elements of this heater to help you go through cold winter days with ease.


  • Compact frame size
  • Easy to use temperature control
  • One year of warranty
  • Inbuilt overload safety
  • Offers multiple fan speeds
  • Protective grill design


  • Power chord length is a bit small

Nova 2000W All in One Silent Blower Fan Room Heater

Latest Nova 2000W All in One Silent Blower Fan Room Heater
  • Air throw range of 10 feet which is ideal for a small to medium-sized room
  • Cool, Warm, or Hot wind selection knob for heat setting
  • Powerful 2400 RPM copper winded motor for quick heating and can be used vertically or horizontally

The Candes room heater grabs the title of the cheapest fan heater manufacturer on this list, which provides you with a high-quality, performance-oriented, and reliable product to use in your room every day to efficiently heat the air.

The room heater is equipped with a quiet fan that blows around the area and makes no noise while working for giving you a large blowing distance to heat the air around your room.

Like the other devices on the list, the Candes room heater comes with a 1 year of warranty to provide you with reliable tableware that you can place anywhere to get through cold days.

One of the main aspects of this Nova 2000W heater is its design, unlike other models, it has a horizontal arrangement which makes it long at the top and short in width to better distribute heat in your room.

The Candes room heater is safe for children and pets due to its grille design, which protects against burns when using the product in a home, making it an ideal fit for any person who is tight on a tight budget.

In addition, the design keeps the room heater stable on each stand, and the temperature control system makes it a worthy product for our list of the Best Room Heater with Low Power Consumption in India.


  • Good build quality with an innovative design
  • One year of warranty
  • Up to 10 feet of air throwing range
  • Equipped with temperature control nobs
  • Cheapest among the group
  • Portable and easy to carry


  • Fan makes little noise

Solimo 2000-Watts Room Heater

  • Engineered For Safety
  • Optimal Performance
  • Versatile Function
  • Solimo – Premium Quality. Great Value

Bajaj Blow Hot 2000 Watts Fan Forced Circulation Room Heater


LAN BIS Certified 2000/1000 Watts Best Fan Room Heater

  • BIS Certified
  • Fire Proof Body
  • Polycarbonate Body
  • Instant Heat Setting
  • Overheat Protection
  • 3 Air setting Cool, Warm, Hot

Morphy Richards OFR 9F Fin Oil Filled Radiator Room Heater

  • Personalized Comfort

Orient Electric Areva 2000/1000 Watts Fan Room Heater

  • Meant for Spot Heating
  • Room Size: Upto 180 sq ft
  • Motor: Full copper motor for durability
  • body Material: ABS Plastic
  • Adjustable Thermostat: Two heating modes- 1000W & 2000W

Cello SuperWarm Quartz Room Heater

  • Comes with a carry handle for easy movement
  • Has 2 heat settings.
  • Cool touch body for easy handling
  • Safety tip over for enhanced safety
  • Keeps you warm in chilly winter

Bajaj RHX-2 800-Watt Room Heater

  • Efficient Warmth: Ideal for use in in small rooms, this noiseless 800 Watts heater provides instant heating during winters. Effective Cord Length (in meters) 1.5
  • Personalized Comfort: Customize to your heating needs with two heat settings (500 W/ 1000 W)
  • Peace of Mind: Featuring dual safety device: Tip over switch against tilting and a Thermal fuse

MOBLIOS Electric Mini Electric Room Heater

  • Product Type: Wall Heater
  • Power: 400 W
  • Voltage: 220-240V 50/60HZ
  • Automatic Delay Shutoff: Yes
  • Timing function: 12 hours time
  • Wall-Outlet Electric Handy Heater.
  • Comes With Free US Plug.
  • 180 Degree Rotation Plug

Voltonix Small Electric Handy Room Heater

  • voltonix Handy Heater provides quick and easy heat instantly!
  • The compact design for convenience.
  • Ideal For : Bedroom, Office, Shop, Bathrooms, Basements, Garages & More
  • It stays cool to the touch, but heats up fast!
  • This powerful ceramic heater heats up to 250 square feet of space.
  • You can take this Portable Heater in your bag, pocket or even in your hand at anyplace you desired.

Final Word

Home appliances make our lives easier, and things like room eaters are great for living comfortably in your home on winter days.

We have tried to provide you with the best products that have improved their technology over the years and offer great customer service to provide a reliable product you can trust for long-term use in your house.

We hope that you were able to find the Best Room Heater with Low Power Consumption in India by reading our in-depth review of the three best products on the market available for anyone to buy.

Make sure you choose a heater that supports at least 2000 watts of output and includes features like temperature regulator, thermostat control, and a warranty of at least one year to get the most out of your device.

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