Best Printer for Home use Under 3000 in India with Lowest Ink Cartridges

Top #3 Best Printer for Home use Under 3000 with Lowest Ink Cartridges

If you are looking for the best printer for home use under 3000 in India, then you have landed on the right place. We have listed down the top printers for home use under 3k. You can check out our article to find the best printer for home use.

Printers are very popular in every branch of our professional life for daily tasks like printing pictures, text, or documents on paper of various sizes. However, there are thousands of brands in the printing market that offer their own printers, leaving consumers even more confused about what to buy that suits their needs.

That’s why we wrote this guide to find the perfect personal or professional printer with a list of the Best Printer for Home use Under 3000 in India with Low-cost Ink. There can be times when you need a wireless, portable, or a certain type of printer and for this reason, we’ve also created a well-researched buying guide to make it easier for you to decide between printers and choose the ideal option for your work.

Best Low-Cost Printer for Home Use Under 3000 in India

Selecting the best Printer for Home use Under 3000 in India can be a daunting task. It is always a challenge to find a good quality printer with affordable price. There are many people who face the problem of not being able to find a suitable printer due to lack of advanced features or the features they need. This blog is going to help you to find the best printer for your home or office use.

Best Choice

HP DeskJet 2331 All-in-One Inkjet Color Printer

Excellent quality at a great value
An all-in-one printer
User-friendly interface
Built for dependable performance

Canon PIXMA MG2577s All-in-One Inkjet Color Printer

Compact and Lightweight
Auto Power ON/OFF
Affordable ink cartridges for high-quality printing.
Speed and Quality

Canon Pixma TS207 Single Function Inkjet Printer

Scratch-Resistant Surface
Supports Borderless Photo Printing
Low-Cost Cartridges

1. HP DeskJet 2331 All-in-One Inkjet Color Printer

Best Printer for Home Use Under 3000

HP is a popular company that makes most the electronic devices such as laptops and printers for home or office use. They offer a wide range of DeskJet printers with advanced printing technology at an affordable budget of 3,000 for general customers.

The HP DeskJet 2331 All-in-One is the first choice because of its many useful functions that offer an excellent price-performance ratio so that customers can get the most out of their product without spending too much money on their printer and still get the Best Printer for Home use Under 3000

The printer can print 7.5 pages per minute in black and white, and color printing takes about 5.5 pages per minute. Plus, you get a fair price of 6 rupees per page, which is more than enough to please most users.

The printer can print A4 and A6 paper with its printing capabilities, and you get a multi-functional USB port that lets you connect to your favorite devices with your printer in a single click.

You can store 60 sheets on your printer tray that do not need to be preheated to function properly and you can also use this printer to print, scans, or copy documents using the built-in functions accessible via a smart USB connection.

Moreover, HP’s Print quality is quite good as they value ​​their customers to offer genuine products with a great user interface for easy controlling any action from your device.


  • High color contrast
  • Offers USB 2.0 connectivity
  • One year of warranty
  • Printing speed ranges b/w 7.5 to 5.5ppw
  • You can print A4 and A6 size paper
  • Easy to use interface


  • The cost per page could have been lower

2. Canon PIXMA MG2577s All-in-One Inkjet Color Printer

Canon is another great brand that has made its name in the industry for making some amazing cameras and printers at a great value to the customer at a lot less price than other competitors.

Canon’s PIXMA MG2577 All-in-One Color Inkjet Printer ranks second on our list as it can be a great option if you are on a budget and want to take advantage of all the powerful features of your printer to let you print, scans, or copy any documents in seconds.

The Canon color printer offers fast transfers to any personal device with a great USB connection that can easily handle large data migrations on any operating system. The printer also supports A4, A5, B5, LGL, and other page sizes to provide a seamless printing environment for your homework or work life.

Canon printers are ideal for those who do not print on a large scale as they can be damaged if you print more than 50 pages per month as it is a light weighted and budget-friendly printer.

You can place it anywhere around your workstation for easy access to your color printer and it is available in two different color options: black and white, depending on the printing environment, as Canon tries to best serve its customers with custom solutions.

Additionally, Canon color printers come with a one-year warranty from the company and you can contact their customer service to clarify questions about installation and warranty card with a simple call to make sure the product is ideal for your usage.


  • Strong build quality
  • Fast printing speed
  • Supports A4, A5, A6, & many more paper sizes
  • One year of product warranty
  • Good customer support
  • Features auto power-on


  • Not suitable for large scale printing

3. Canon Pixma TS207 Single Function Inkjet Printer

Lastly on our compressive list of Best Printer for Home use Under 3000 is an inkjet printer from Canon Pixma TS207, which is specially designed for real word printing needs that always printing products at affordable prices for the customers.

The printer is accessible via a fast USB port which can be connected to any operating system to directly print from that device. This professional & personal printer can be the perfect partner for you to meet your daily printing needs because of its excellent image which includes both black and white and color printing options in one setting.

The Canon Pixma printer resolution is good enough to meet the needs of all users on their daily needs as it produces stunning images with clear text on any document at a very low budget.

These color printer ink tanks are equipped with performance-oriented cartridges which allow you to solve all printing problems at once and the printer can handle various paper sizes such as A4, A5, A6, and many more in a single machine.

In Addition, you can also put a borderless image on a new paper to make school projects with your color printer in a single click of a button and a limit of 50 pages per month has been applied to the budget Canon printer to increase its life span for much more years to come.


  • Auto power startup feature
  • Borderless printing support
  • Great connectivity among other operating systems
  • Light-weighted and portable design
  • Covers both black and color printing options
  • Scratch-resistant surface


  • No LED display

Buying Guide for Printers Home Use in India

Here are some general points to be aware of before buying the perfect printer so that you can get the Best Printer for Home use Under 3000 in India according to your needs.

Printing Speed

The most common thing to check, before understand your printer is the speed at which the document is being printed, as it is the number one thing to consider when planning to buy a printer.

Print speed is also known as PPM and is commonly called pages per minute. The PPM of black and white printers is always higher than color printers because it requires lower accuracy and less color management from printers.

Within this budget range, you can get between 5 and 7 PPM on average with some modern printers to get a good speed so you can run faster than the other large machines in the market.

Print Volume

The number of pages that the printer can print on a full ink cartridge is called the print volume. It is a good idea to choose a high volume printer to get more pages in the cartridge efficiently with ink.

It is also important to pay attention to print volume as this can mainly affect the long-term benefits of your printer. For this reason, most professional users prefer printers with larger print volumes to constantly print many documents in a single go.


Versatility is one factor that basically includes the functionality of its printer. You can say that the number of operations the printer can perform is called versatility.

A printer that can scan, printers, faxes, and copies multiple documents at the same time is perfect to ensure you work smoothly in any situation.

While all of these factors make it a lot more expensive to buy a printer you should choose from this option to meet all your basic needs to get the Best Printer for Home use Under 3000.

CPP or Cost Per Print

Sometimes buying a good printer with a lower CPP is a good idea to give you a long-term advantage by saving your money on every printing cost. Calculating printing costs can be very easy as all you have to do is multiply the cost of printing a page by the price of something that feeds you, giving you a monthly bill to pay for your printer.

Final Verdict

In this modern world, printers have become a necessity, and choosing an ideal printer from multiple options available in the market is quite difficult. That’s why we bring you the top 3 color printers, on our list of Best Printer for Home use Under 3000

If you are still unsure which printer to choose, then we recommend you to choose the HP DeskJet 2331 color printer as it has all the basic features that every other user needs in his daily life.

We hope this article helped you in finding the perfect printer for you, and now you can enjoy a seamless printing experience right from your home or office.

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